• 2021
    Introduced R2+, an online smart education platform
  • 2018
    Total value of K-OTC reached 1 trillion won
  • 2017
    Launched K-Bond, a systematically upgraded trading program of FreeBond
  • 2015
    Launched K-OTCBB, a bulletin board for all types of unlisted stocks
  • 2014
    Launched K-OTC (formerly FreeBoard), a platform for transaction of unlisted stocks
  • 2013
    60th anniversary since the foundation of Daehan Securities Dealers Association
  • 2012
    IFIE/IOSCO Investor Education Conference 2012 held in Seoul
  • 2011
    Hosted the 2nd Asia Forum for Investor Education Annual General Meeting
    The Korea Institute of Financial Investment (KIFIN) building constructed
    Launched FreeSIS, a system for free statistics and information services
  • 2010
    Launched FreeBond, an exclusive system for bond trading
    Hosted the Inaugural Meeting of the Asia Forum for Investor Education
  • 2009
    Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) established through the merger of KSDA, AMAK and KFA underthe FSCMA
    Hosted the 23rd International Investment Funds Association Annual Conference
  • 2008
    Hosted the 21st International Council of Securities Associations Annual General Meeting
  • 2007
    Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act (FSCMA) enacted by the National Assembly
    Bond Quotation System launched by KSDA
  • 2006
    Hosted the 11th Asia Securities Forum Annual General Meeting
  • 2005
    Relaunched OTCBB as FreeBoard
    Korea Council for Investor Education (KCIE) established
  • 2000
    Launched OTCBB
  • 1996
    Korea Futures Association established
    KOSDAQ market established
    Asset Management Association of Korea established
  • 1953
    Daehan Securities Dealers Association (later renamed as Korea Securities Dealers Association; KSDA) established