Investor Education

KOFIA has played a key role in shifting the investment paradigm of individual investors from short-term speculative trading to long-term fundamental direct and indirect investment through public relations campaigns and education programs.

KOFIA is a founding member of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE), and actively participates in the various events and programs the IFIE offers. The IFIE aims to create a global standard in investor education while providing people with useful tips and information on a variety of investment opportunities, as well as the financial risks hidden in the market.

As a founding member of the IFIE, KOFIA pioneered investor education in Korea. KOFIA played a leading role in founding the Korea Council for Investor Education (KCIE) and is currently acting as the secretariat. The chairman of KOFIA also serves as the chairman of the KCIE. Other members of the KCIE include the KRX, FSC, FSS, and other organizations.

The KCIE aims to make Korea the global model for individual investor education by offering the best online education programs, tailored to fit the particular needs of individual investors, including college students, high school students, teachers, and the general public. The KCIE offers both online and offline classes. The organization strives to make Korea the most financially literate nation in the world.

As a result, a sound long-term and indirect investment culture has been instilled within Korea. Based on these achievements, the KCIE and KOFIA are planning to export Korea's investment culture to emerging economies through such venues as the Asia Forum for Investor Education (AFIE), currently the IFIE Asia Chapter. Spearheaded by KOFIA and the KCIE, with KOFIA acting as secretariat, the IFIE Asia Chapter aims to encourage cooperation and facilitate the exchange of information between the region's investor education providers, thereby promoting prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.