Training for Professionals

KOFIA is responsible for fostering and training market professionals through its educational arm, the Korea Institute of Financial Investment (KIFIN, www.kifin.or.kr)-previously known as KSTI. KIFIN offers a wide range of training courses on financial markets, with state-of-the-art education programs designed to meet the needs of the industry. KIFIN has developed various mid- to long-term education programs to bring out the full potential of industry professionals.

The diverse range of education programs provided by KIFIN are based on the needs of the industry. These courses are classified into nine categories: General, Professional, Qualification, Professionals of the Next Generation, Green Finance, Foreign Professionals, the Global Capital Market Academy, Hot -Issue, and Retirement Pension. KIFIN has also improved its courses for executives and market professionals from KOFIA member firms. Since its previous incarnation, the KSTI, began offering its online education programs in July 2000, enrollments have sky-rocketed-reaching 240,000 in its first eight years. The number of students at KIFIN is rapidly increasing every year.

KIFIN established a new education center in Busan, called the Southeastern Region Training Center, to meet the needs of regional professionals in the financial investment industry. The center offers educational opportunities to not only professionals from the southern regions of Korea, but also permits investors to join its student base in order to promote sound investment culture in the region.

KIFIN has broadened its professional training programs by offering joint degree and non-degree programs in conjunction with the Henley Business School's International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Centre, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and a number of other globally renowned training institutes and universities. KIFIN also has MOUs with the ICMA Centre, Hong Kong Securities Institute, and the Financial Services Institute of Australia.